Big Bully

Big Bully Battle

Big Bullies are enemies that are fought three times as a boss in Super Mario 63. It was fought in Lethal Lava Land, in the Bully's Tower, once in Snowman's Land, and once in Kamek's Castle after Kamek flies off from the castle. The Big Bully looks and acts just like normal Bullies except they're bigger and stronger then their smaller brethren. They take three hits to defeat by forcing them in the lava.


Chief Chilly: A bully in Snowman's Land who drops a Shine Sprite when he is defeated. To defeat him, you must throw him in the lava water three times.
IMG 5803

The Chief on a platform suspended above Blue lava.

Red Bully: A normal and small bully that transforms into a larger bully with Kamek's magic. It needs to be knocked into the lava three times to be defeated.

General Bully: A bully that commands other bullies in Lethal Lava Land. It will stay at war with the toads until you defeat him. He will also drop a Shine Sprite. He, like other big bullies, will take three hits to defeat.
IMG 5799

Mario facing General Bully.

Normal Big Bully: A normal big bully who takes three hits to defeat and does not drop anything.


  • The Red Bully is one of the only two bosses fought after being transformed by Kamek, along with Gomboss.
  • Chief Chilly is similar to General Bully since they both drop a normal coloured Shine Sprite, both are the only bullies to talk, both have a platform with something that damages you under it, and both are confident that they will win against Mario.
  • This is the only kind of boss present in the Level Designer, not counting the ones created by users via the combination of different users.
  • No bosses that are bullies can be found in the level designer, but it doesn't matter since the others are simple recolours. This is also true for other bosses.