The first course on Super Mario 63. Access it with 1 Shine Sprite by going to the far left door in the main room. Also, you can use the secret passage to access it.

Shines Edit

Shine 1: Battle with King Bob-omb Edit

Mario has to climb to the top of the mountain to the far right and kill King Bob-omb with his Spin Attack on Bob-ombs to launch them and make them explode on King Bob-omb 3 times.

First go to the cannon and shoot UP for the first star coin. After traversing the region you will find FLUUD. The next star coin requires fluud. You can get turbo fluud if unlocked Next lots of cannonballs appear. Dodge them and start going up the mountain. Use FLUDD to get the next starcoin. Same for starcoin4. Then get to the top of the mountain.

Shine 2: Island in the sky Edit

Mario has to climb to the place with the cannon and shoot with Wing Cap to the Shine Sprite.

Shine 3: The Five Silver StarsEdit

Mario has to find the five silver stars around the second section of the battlefield.

Shine 4: Collect the 8 Red CoinsEdit

Collect the 8 red coins around the battlefield. i eony

Shine 5: The Secret of the MountainEdit

Mario must go to the right of King Bob-omb's mountain and he must keep going until he finds a secret passage that leads to a secret area.

Star Coins Edit

  • At the beginning of the level, which must be accessed by a cannon.
  • Above Chain Chomp's stump. Mario must use FLUDD to reach it.
  • Near the island in the sky. Mario must use either the cannon, the wing cap, or rocket FLUDD to reach it.
  • Found on a ledge near the top of the mountain.
  • Found next to another ledge of the mountain. Mario could get back up with FLUDD. after collecting it if lucky.
  • In the secret area above one of the two green rotating blocks.