Bullies are enemies first seen in Bowsers Trap. They can only harm you by pushing you in to lava or a pit but you can only defeat them by doing using that same attack againsed them as they are invinseble to all jumps and other attacks. They are mainly found in lava levels but are also found in Hazy Maze Cave and Wet Dry World.


Bullies are small enemies that bump into you. They will charge at you but cannot do any damage.


Bullies are like bulls with yellow horns (also have green horns), white facial parts, and are black all over.


  • Bullies are like penguins in a way. Both cannot drop anything once "defeated", both are about the same size, both make a noise when bumped into, both have their own climate and stay in maps with the climate, both appear in opposite climates, (Penguins appear in Bowser's Castle and bullies appear in Wet-Dry World) and both are almost invincible.
  • Bullies will sink to the bottom when in water.
  • Bullies make the same noise as thwomps, big bullies, and King Bob-omb (after being hurt) when touched.