The game has a level designer. It can be escessed by clickingon extras and clicking on level designer.

It is epic. Place Walkthroughs on this page.

Green Grass Galaxy Star 1Edit

Planet 1

Just jump onto the sling star

Be careful of the Goomba

Planet 2

You see a planet with fences and enimies. Start crossing it and

use the moving platform to get across.

Planet 3

Hasn;t been made yet

Super Mario 63 The Lost LevelsEdit


Jump off the platform for the first star coin.

Take the 4th warp pipe and make your way up to the star coin

Triple jump off the stack of blocks and enter the warp pipe. Then carefully get to the star coin.


Make your way through the blocks to get the first starcoin.

Land on the small circling platform and ride it to the second star coin

Wait for a platform to appear and ride it to the third starcoin


Triple jump off the blocks to get the first starcoin

Again, Triple jump off the 3 tall stak of blocks to get the second starcoin.

Hey, Guess what? Triple jump off the tall stack of blocks to get the final starcoin.


You will find it under the first seesaw shroom. Tilt to get it.

Ride the log down and jump to get the 2nd starcoin.

Climb the seesaw shrooms to get the 3rd starcoin.


triplejump off the first moving platform to get the 1st starcoin.

get on the lower  moving platform that goes up and out of the lava then jump up for the 2nd starcoin.

Ride the log down and jump for the 3rd starcoin.

Big Bully 1-CEdit

Just knock him in the lava 3 times to get the shine sprite.