A goomba in the course Mushroom Kingdom

Goombas are fairly weak. They are aggressive and fungi creatures that are found in many levels. They can be defeated with all standard attacks, such as jumping, stomping, or spinning.

Appearance Edit

Goombas are brown in color and have short stubby feet with no legs. They are armless as well, and have long eyebrows. The goomba sprite is from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, ripped by Tonberry2k.


Big Goomba: They are goombas that are bigger. They cannot be killed with F.L.U.D.D. like their smaller counterparts.

Tiny Goomba: They are goombas that are very small but still deal the same damage as larger goombas.

Goomba: A regular sized goomba.

Goomboss/Goomba King: The Goomba King is found in Peach's Garden. He was a normal goomba that was transformed by Kamek's magic. He takes three ground pounds to defeat.


  • All goombas will die from touching lava and water.
  • Tiny goombas can still injure Mario as though he was hit by a normal sized goomba.
  • When Goomboss walks, he kills whenever is in front of him. The animation of them dying is the same as when you spin attack ememies.