King Bob-Omb is the first boss of Super Mario 63 and is fought at the summit of the mountain in Bob-Omb Battlefield. He attacks Mario by throwing Bob-Ombs at him. To defeat him you need to spin attack his Bob-Ombs so his Bob-Ombs go flying in to him 3 times. After that he will be defeated and a Shine Sprite will appear.


King Bob-omb: Leader of the black Bob-ombs roaming the Bob-omb Battlefield.

Bob-omb: Walking bomb which detonates and chases down nearby intruders. They are thrown by their king.


  • King Bob-omb makes the same noise as a Bully.
  • King Bob-omb, like other bosses, is not found in the level designer.
  • King Bob-omb's crown hurts you if you make contact with it.
  • King Bob-omb is at the same level as the same boss in Super Mario 64.
  • King Bob-omb can throw his bob-ombs infinitely.