The Koopa is an enemy in Super Mario 63. It's basically an upright turtle with a green shell on top.  When Mario defeats a Koopa, however, its shell is still intact. If Mario jumps on the shell, kicks it, or spin attacks it, it will move forward. The shell, while moving, can damage enemies in its path.  Koopa shells also float in water, are impervious to lava, and can also be used as temporary platforms. There are two variations of the Koopa in Super Mario 63: the Koopa Troopa, a Koopa that patrols a certain area on the ground, and the Koopa Paratroopa, a Koopa with wings that hovers in a stationary position.  Koopa Paratroopas are often seen as aerial obstacles; however, Mario can use Koopa Paratroopas as one-time platforms by jumping on them. Once a Koopa Paratroopa is jumped on, it loses its wings and drops to the ground, becoming a normal Koopa Troopa. Although defeating Koopas is rather simple, they are more intelligent than Goombas: for example, a Koopa Troopa can stay atop a rotating platform by moving when it turns.


  • Koopa: The default koopa.
  • Koopa Shell: The shell of a normal koopa.
  • Gray Koopa Shell: There can be grey koopa shells in lava levels to be used as platforms.
  • Parakoopa: The parakoopa is a koopa with wings.
  • Kamek: Kamek is a koopa that can perform magic.
  • Bowser: Bowser is the king of all koopas.



  • Koopas who have been jumped on will not come out of their shell unless Mario leaves the area.
  • There is a stone block in the Level Designer with a koopa shell carved onto it.
  • Koopas go into their shells upon contact with either lava or water. Parakoopas will not do this.
  • Kamek is the only magikoopa in the game, although the Mario franchise has multiple types of magikoopas.
  • No koopas can be seen with a gray shell on, despite the shell itself being seen in lava.
  • Koopa shells can be used to kill other enemies or push them away from Mario.