Peach's Castle is the area that Mario returns to after collecting a star. Several paintings are enchanted and can be jumped through to access the world the picture is showing.

Worlds Within the Castle WallsEdit

The following worlds are places accessible by jumping through a painting, in the order encountered.

The following are worlds accessed by a means other than jumping through a painting, in the order they accessible in.

  • Jolly Roger Bay(Secret) Accessible by jumping through the leftmost wall in the room with the sling star that takes you to the shine sprite orb room.
  • Peach's Garden(Secret) Accessible by going to the garden once 10 shine sprites have been acquired, and going to the far left of the garden. This is where you acquire the Green Shine Sprite to unlock the basement.
  • Frosty Fludd(Secret) Accessible by going through a door in the basement that looks like it is part of the wall but has a border.


There are a few glitched easter eggs in the castle, that are seen by snapping the windows of Super Mario 63 to the side of the monitor, and then dragging the side that isn't snapped to the monitor side, and dragging it closer to the edge of the screen to get a thinner, yet taller field of view, causing you to see through the roof and floor.

  • In the main room of the castle, above the roof of the main room, there is a differently designed castle main room. This would be the most mysterious of the glitch eggs. It has the same layout as Super Mario 64 Sunshine's castle.
  • Again in the main room, below the ground, there are a bunch of toads having different sprites for the different emotions. This is maybe where they're placed before collecting the correct amount of Shine Sprites.