Penguins are casual enemies that mostly appear in places with snow. They usually bump into you and block the way.


Penguins just stand and walk around their small area. They are not that smart and can/will jump off a cliff.


Penguins have blue heads, yellow beaks, and are white all over.


Penguin: A normal penguin.

Flying Penguin: A penguin with wings. It can't be moved unless you have a star power-up.


> Penguins are like the ice counterparts of bullies. They both can't drop coins when killed or be killed with normal attacks, both make a noise when touched, both can be moved farther by F.L.U.D.D., and both can survive water.

> Penguins sink when in water.

> Penguins can be knocked up with the grey coloured F.L.U.D.D.

> Some penguins are found in Bowser's Final Castle so they can be considered as minions.

> Penguins can survive in lava.