Sm 63

Mario in front of The Painting.

Shifting Sand Land is a desert. In the end of the desert there is a pyramid.

Stars Edit

Star 1: Inside the Pyramid Edit

Inside the pyramid there is a star at the top where Mario has to get through a few puzzles to get it.

Star 2: Trekking for 8 Red Coins Edit

Mario must find 8 red coins around the level. They are not in the pyramid.

Star 3: Shining Atop the Ancient PyramidEdit

Mario has to find a way to the top of the pyramid and get the star.

Star Coins Edit

  • Above a pillar and a sling star near the pyramid.
  • In a gap near the pyramid. Mario must use F.L.U.D.D. to get out of the gap after collecting the star coin.
  • Inside the pyramid near the star.