Snowman's Land is a snowy level in Super Mario 63 that is inhabited by Shy Guys, Penguins, and Goombas.

Stars Edit

Star 1: The Snowman's Head Edit

Mario has to climb up the giant snowman to get the star.

Star 2: The Ice Block Maze Edit

Inside the ice block maze is a star that may be a challenge to get.

Star 3: Chief ChillyEdit

Mario has to battle Chief Chilly near the ice block maze. Knock him off 3 times and he's dead.

Star 4: Red Coins of the Summit and SkiesEdit

You need to find the 8 red coins yourself.

Star 5: The Secret of the IglooEdit

Mario must go inside the igloo near the snowman to get the star.

New Features Edit

  • SNOW and ICE
  • Penguins
  • Chief Chilly

Star Coins Edit

  • At the beginning of the level near two red coins, that must be collected via wing cap.
  • Under moving ice blocks near Chief Chilly's platform.
  • At the giant snowman area. Mario has to bounce on the bumpties to get it.
  • Surrounded by moving bupties near the igloo. Mario has to get it via invincibility star or performing a glitch.
  • At the red coin area surrounded by rotating platforms.
  • In the ice block maze below a moving ice block.


  • This is the first boss battle including a bully in the order of the courses.
  • This is 1 of 3 of the levels where penguins appear.